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BraveHearts – I Wanna Live

December 28th, 2012

Video Rating: 4 / 5

BraveHearts/Nas/Nature – I Wanna Live

October 24th, 2012

Track 18 off Belly Soundtrack. Produced by Trackmasters. Lyrics: Braveheart niggas (Jungle), IllWill niggas (Wizard) Made of steel niggas (Horse), robothugs (Nature) We can't be stopped by them bitch-ass cops (Braveheart) Made of steel, y'all bullets don't kill We break outta jail, fuck the system To all our black babies, boys and girls We school y'all wit knowledge of the world Only to God we hail, and this money we spend it We spend it, it's the root of e-vil But these black millionaires will live and survive We will stay alive [Nature] A quick reality check, salaries and sex Rodents spreadin disease, and man'll carry it next I been exposed to this game, so it's that I express Blood, sweat and tears, for my stress, cigarettes and beers Newports or Kools, cautious dudes movin in the Belly I stay aware of who I'm talkin to Police payin fiends off wit food For a Snicker bar, they knock on your door, come and get you god Hit you harder than a crack pipe, live the gat life Gettin drunk, full gallons down to half-pints XO to act right, stay slurring my speech Hearin silent screams at night, disturbing my sleep Burnin my weed, the smallest thug caught a bug War stories on the bench till y'all caught a buzz I made y'all watch when the game's hot, the same park Niggas hustle and die without they Braveheart [Chorus - Nas] I wanna live, the way my brother lives I shall not die (never), why must we be so high? I pray to God, (please God) take me to your path And show me how, to Read More...

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