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modded mario kart Wii

November 19th, 2012

mario kart modded : ALL CHANGES: - Custom Strap/ESRB Warning - Recoloured user interface - 30 Texture hacked courses, 2 custom courses, multiplayer support - 32 Custom track songs, 2 other custom songs during end sequence and race victory - 1 customized battle course - 11 customized characters/vehicles - Other various text substitutions (course names, race countdown) - Edited end game credits! NOTE: This mod was done to only the ENGLISH version of MKWii. If your language is set to French or Spanish, you will NOT see many of the edits! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CUSTOM CHARACTERS: Daisy on Skiis - Dolphin Dasher Evil Toad - Bullet Bike Toadsworth - Quacker Rosalina - Flame Runner Peach - Mach Bike Blue Yoshi - Mach Bike Dry Bones on a Box - Quacker Dark Mario - Mach Bike "Baby" Wario "Baby" Waluigi Green Toadette - Magikruizer -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TRACKS: Normal Track names = File name - Author's Course Name (author) = Custom Music Mushroom Cup Luigi Circuit = beginner_course.szs - Luigi's Volcano Raceway (Mr Bean) = Cake - The Distance Moo Moo Meadows = farm_course.szs - Win Win Meadows (WiiPizzazz) = Pogo - Alice Mushroom George = kinoko_course.szs - Mushroom Peaks - Couche De Soleil (Coralia) = High Contrast - Racing Green Toads Factory = factory_course.szs - Coke Factory (ricd61har) = Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Zuit Suit Riot Flower ...
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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One Response to “modded mario kart Wii”

  1. spikeriley says:

    Sweet mod. Win Win Meadow looks like some glitched area that´╗┐ could inspire some Creepypastas.

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