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Martingale Betting KoL’s Money Making Game

November 13th, 2012

Music: "Invisible Full Moon" by IOSYS Instructions: Step 1) Decide an amount that you'd be happy to lose if the planets align and you effectively win the lottery.. in a bad way. "Would I be upset if I lost a million? Would I be upset if I lost 2 million?" The likelihood is that it won't happen, but the possibility is still there. Don't lose your shirt on a get rich quick scheme. Step 2) Come up with a stopping point. You can only roll the dice so much before they all come up ones. Even if you start with 1000 meat bets and have 100 million to back it up, if you never stop, you will end up losing that 100 million. Step 3)Start with a modest amount you'd be content to win every time you complete a bet. 25000 is a bit excessive for someone with that little meat, but if I lost it all, I wouldn't have a hard time getting to sleep at night. If you lose your initial bet (In this case, 25000), double it. If you lose your 50000 bet, double it again. If you lose your 100000 bet, double it again. Lather, Rinse, Repeat until you win. When you win, go back to making your initial bet. *THIS IS GAMBLING. NOTHING IS GUARANTEED.* In this case, I was betting 7 million meat on a 99.6% chance I'd win 25000. For one bet, that sounds like great odds. However, in this video alone, I took that bet 20 times. Meaning I had about a 7.5% chance of losing everything in exchange for that 500k profit I showed up there. If you start with a bet of 1250 meat, there is a chance you'll have to make the ...

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One Response to “Martingale Betting KoL’s Money Making Game”

  1. Azukiyo says:

    Same exact story here. Was up 188m, going for 200. Lost down to 140 positive.
    Tried to get 200m again, lost down to 93m positive.
    Tried for 100m, lost down´╗┐ to 60m positive.
    Tried for 100m, now I'm 45m positive. I decided it's high time I quit while I'm ahead.

    At least I thoroughly explain the risks in the description, rather than do what most people posting a martingale system do. "OMG HAX WIN SYSTEM! GARANTEEEED MEET!"

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