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Iron Maiden – My Horse Racing Fantasy Thoroughbred

July 18th, 2012

My Race Horse's Theme Song: "Run to the Hills." ___Iron Maiden is a colt bred from Man o War and The Iron Lady. No, he's not a filly! I had a hard time getting him to win anything, until I figured out he does better coming from behind. This video is a mix of 3 training races. Yes, he really started back there and really came ahead to win. :) ___I rode him in two of the races, the AI Jockey rode him at Bay Meadows -- that's the one where he comes up from the inside. I don't have the guts to do that; I always get stuck. Iron Maiden, however, has NO problem shoving other horses out of his way -- that's my mosh pit baby! ___Be careful if you check out this game, it is HIGHLY addictive. And sorry for the glitches in some clips. :/ But I *do* love how this vid turned out! I watched it like 20 times and my heart still races at the start of the first chorus, and on the bridge. . . Credits: --captured with FRAPS, edited in Vegas Movie Studio 10-- . Game: Horse Racing Fantasy __Free to play, you do NOT bet real money. Yes, you really jockey the horse in a live-action race; you don't ever have to go to pages and clickclickclick to feed and groom your horse. . How to enter tournaments; the Cliff's Notes: . Music: Iron Maiden "Run to the Hills" (abridged) from The Number of the Beast . . Apologies for the racial slur against white folks. Oh, wait; it's all true. :X

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One Response to “Iron Maiden – My Horse Racing Fantasy Thoroughbred”

  1. Bloodsong13T says:

    if you mean your own horses... you don't, really. if your horse ends up having a top speed rating (132 or better) and you win a lot of tournaments, your horse may be eligible to become a breeder -- for a short time, i think. then they will go into the list of dams and sires like the standard horses there.

  2. mfalcao11 says:

    She ride it like a thoroughbred

  3. iKicko says:

    This weekend fuckin sucked major thoroughbred genitalia man. 3 days of nothing what a waste -_-

  4. Kyleeex518 says:

    Exotic lookin bitch but my city made me a thoroughbred*

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