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Horse Racing Systems – The Gamblers Lazy Way of Betting

December 8th, 2011

Horse Racing Systems - The Gamblers Lazy Way of Betting

Article by Keith Driscoll


Horseracing Systems are kinds of the betting that examine years of data, concerning different angles such as Trainers, Jockeys, Horses, Sires, Ground, Class, Courses, Favourites, Outsiders, Absences, Fitness, Owners, Ages of Horses, Weight Penalties and many more types of angle that have historically proven to be profitable over the years. Other typeshorse racing systems are more qualitative, and seek to incorporate changing conditions on an up-to-date basis. Most people also think that horseracing systems are just a joke. And yes, some of these horse racing systems are even guaranteed by the folk selling them. As any professional gambler will tell you, nothing can be guaranteed in gambling.


While for many of us the excitement of having a bet is what matters, one thing is for sure you can have a lot of fun running horse racing systems even if you don't have a bet, in fact many folk do just that. If you run many systems (covering different methods just as a share investor would cover different market sectors) throughout the year, you should be able to keep on profiting. Just as a share price can go up and down, a systems performance can go up and down too. Treat horseracing systems like trading on the stock market: keep a portfolio. It is far better to run many systems all at the same time, this spreads the risk.

The betting

Betting systems are too numerous to mention them all, it seems that every horse race enthusiast has his or her on horseracing system. The on horses can be one of the most profitable investment opportunities available, if approached in the right manner. Modern horse racing systems can rely on definitive betting possibilities only offered on the exchanges. Such systems may lead you to alter your betting based on weather conditions at the track, or a adapt in jockeys. When not betting with your "heart," it is likely that you'll win more consistently over time. Equally I know people who win hard cash at the betting every year through analysis of Form, this is called method the betting.


For years punters have always bet on horses because of form in various way. Form punters may not realise that some horses thrive on racing quickly even if they ran a stinker the day before. Another essential factor in order for you to know which horse can win a race is by discovering out the last races of the horses. There are horses that show its prime racing form after a while of racing and there are horses that run good on short races but bad on long races. Take note of the letters C and D that sometimes appear in the horses. There can be only one reason why horses of six years old or more are kept in training: and that is because their connections believe they can still win races. If approached correctly, it's easy to make regular and consistent profits by betting on horses.


The systemites believe that the best chance you have of making funds is not through form analysis, but through historic data and number crunching mounds of raw racing data in the past in an effort to identify successful avenues to profit. It is recommended to only start with the bank of �50-�200 though while you receive used to making bankroll, handling banks, risk management, losing runs, stats, etc. Wagering money on horse races is as old as the sport itself, but in the United Kingdom the links between horseracing, nationwide wagering and horse betting systems are very strong. But whatever you do, have fun; don't risk hard cash you should not and.


Horse racing systems can be based on monetary systems such as hedging (that is where one bets on many outcomes in a single race) and arbitrage (lay the horse a low price and back it at a large price). * Not all horse racing systems are efficient, and all should be paper traded first.

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Keith Driscoll has been a professional gambler since the late nineties, and now runs many sites, forums and blogs as Managing Director of Win2Win Limited. You can visit my site at Free Horse Racing Tips

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