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Horse Racing Systems – Not Scams At All

November 6th, 2011

Horse Racing Systems - Not Scams At All

Article by Malcolm MacLean

Horse Racing Systems - Not Scams At All

Lots of sense and nonsense has been written on this subject. However, horse racing systems are not all scams. What can be scandalous are the claims made of what the system used can produce in the way of profit. Punters are blinded by 'easy profits' and the headlines that go along with the ad being viewed.

Everybody on the face of the planet uses a system of some sort to select a runner in a horse race, there is no exception, everybody uses a system.

Some claims made by system pushers are 'a bit scammy', but the system itself may not be. The system is either not a very good system on the other hand it may well be that it is a very good system. The problem lay with The Punter or Operator of the system and the claims that the advertiser makes.

You can read all over the Internet how punters on some forum or other rubbish a particular product and say " how useless this product is" .... but you'll also find punters who have purchased said product getting fantastic results... all from the same product, so whats going on?

The Punter Is at fault, not the system. Most punters lose, simply because they lack discipline and make stupid bets, day in and day out all of their lives, crazy but it's true. They lose.

The answer has to be for the punter to take the time to learn and understand the system being used, learn what the system can do and produce, and learn to understand the system. Stick to the plan and stop making stupid bets. Otherwise, like 99% of all punters, that punter will continue to lose.

Should the system turn out to be not so good, simply find a better system that more suits your style of betting.

Let me make this clear: THERE IS NO WINNING SYSTEM that will win all of the time. Not one system anywhere in the world. BUT being a smart punter, then this punter can definitely make a profit. A punter needs to learn, when NOT to push his or her luck AND STOP BETTING. Go home with a profit. Most lose because of greed and having that one last bet!

When you look at a system, forget the claims made but look at the system merits. Judge for yourself whether you can use this new system and potentially make a profit. Look at how the selections are being made, and look at the system staking methods. Judge for yourself the system's worth.

Many systems, rely on The Martingale Method, which is doubling up on your stakes after a losing bet. Steer clear of this, YOU CANNOT EVER WIN using this method.

Avoid systems that requires you to 'increase your stakes', This also will not work. You may have a good run for a while but sooner or later you will hit that losing streak and wipe out your betting bank.

If a system cannot make a profit using level stakes, it will never make a profit at all. A punter who cannot understand this, should quit punting right now.

Having stated the obvious, how are you going to turn your losing ways into profitable ways? Difficult question but educating yourself, using disciplined rules, ignoring what others say and sticking to your said plan is a start.

Understand the system you are using. Judge for yourself if you are not making a profit with your bets, ask yourself, what am I doing wrong all of the time? Don't just say the system is a scam because YOU are failing, understand what and why you are losing. Understanding this will be a huge step forward to making a profit.

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