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Harvest Moon: Magical Melody – Spring Horse Race

October 2nd, 2012

Date: Spring 17 Location: Town Square (no donation required) The first Spring Horse Race is a big ol' meeting fest, as you can see! My video "Harvest Moon: Magical Melody - Meeting Gwen" was also from this race, but it happened after all the actual races, so it was filmed separately. ^^; Also, see "Rockin' Robyn Rocks the Fall Horse Race" for an actual RACE instead of just an unseen "big finish." And see the "Fall Horse Race" (posted here as a video response) for an unseen "HUGE finish" rather than just big! xD It's funny, but kind of too bad; we should be able to watch the horse races even if we don't participate! Heh-heh, Doug's dog's name is John! (John sure has a wimpy bark for being such a huge dog, though, don't you think?) I didn't remember the name from this scene, though; I learned it by pressing the Z button in the Perch Inn. Anyone ever try that with Jamie's dog? Its name is Calvervtutrp. xD Yes, I have that known by heart. I call him Calver for short. Sounds cute! Maybe TOO cute for that demon dog... Oh, and as for that hilariously obnoxious Dan - I've tried the other option too; he gets mad either way. There's no pleasing him. xP But don't you just love his entertaining voice and awesome spin-and-point move? ---Horse Race Prize Guide--- Heart Level / Rank / Prize (secondary prize, if you've already won the former): 2-3 hearts / Rank D / one season's supply of fodder 4-5 hearts / Rank C / Coffee Table (units of lumber) 6-7 hearts / Rank B / Power Berry (2000 G ...

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  1. mewmew34 says:

    Hearts determine what rank race you enter. The stars show your horses stamina, so you want to get them as high as possible. The first race I entered I only had two stars and failed miserably compared to everyone else. Two of the three competitors had 4 stars, and Bob had 8 I think. Gotta really work so you can beat Bob in that race. I think I read that every 8 hours of riding gets you one star, so you'll have to break up´╗┐ training into a few hours per day.

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