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Graham Bradley and Willie Carson cringe

November 9th, 2012

Corrupt jockey Graham Bradley, who had admitted in court taking money and other favours from gangster Brian Wright, tries to bluff Andy Davies - without much success. See Willie Carson (who works for the beeb) congratlating Bradley for NOT talking. See also a race official assaulting the journalist for daring to ask uncomfortable questions.
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One Response to “Graham Bradley and Willie Carson cringe”

  1. Lucy Gregg says:

    Some jockeys ride as if they are stirring a cocktail trying to convince the punters they are trying their best and in saying that, some probably are but would find it hard to win a donkey race with two´╗┐ runners, in other words abosolutely useless.
    Horse racing (The sport of Kings) is becoming a standing joke as we hear of non-triers, jockeys and trainers being rewarded with money for information and schooling in public.

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